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[Netflix] Designated Survivor

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imdb - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5296406/

Current casual show. A few episodes in. It's meh. About as subtle as a punch. Non-stop crisis. Very wholesome. Ra-ra-ra America will pull through. Good guys are good. Conspiracies. I would not recommend it unless you are desperate.

BTW it's a real thing: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Designated_survivor

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FInished all the seasons of this.

At one point it seemed like they might be going for an interesting turn but nope. They went full wholesome america is da best the president is awesome.

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So just a few days after I finished the available seasons, a new season became available so I continued to watch it for but after just a couple of episodes I have decided to drop it and change my statement to say that I do not recommend this show for anyone no matter how desperate.

Since I started watching the show I noticed that they seemed to basically rip straight from the headlines about every possible political issue you could think of for each crisis....

  • campaign finance reform
  • gun control
  • lgbtq+
  • minority issues/representation
  • food deserts
  • iran, north korea, turkey
  • regime change
  • income inequality
  • minimum wage
  • terrorism
  • doctor assisted suicide
  • crispr
  • opioid crisis

.....but like I mentioned before the good guys know the right answer every time and can handily implement if only other people did not slow them down. Every time this is followed by a heartfelt speech from the main actor (president). This already felt very pushy but then the latest season cranked this up a full notch.

On top of everyone being more intense they have now included "real testimonials" when talking about issues. They even added a disclaimer in each episode along the lines of "the guests in this episode are real people telling their personal real stories".

So imagine one of the issues listed above then have some segment somewhere in the episode where 1-2 people (it's very obvious when this is done) tell their story that backs up the perspective of the good guys on the show. It really starts to feel like low level propaganda.

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