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I want to see the milky way.

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This is sort of a bucket list item for me. Something I want to experience with my own eyes at least once in my lifetime. Maybe take some pictures if I can.

info - https://darksitefinder.com/how-to-see-the-milky-way/


The core of the milky way is only visible about half of the year. The other half it is located beneath the horizon. In the winter months (December – February) it is not visible at all because it’s too close to the sun. In the spring (March – May), it will first become visible a few hours before sunrise. By June it will rise much earlier before midnight. The summer months (June – August) are generally the best viewing time because it will be up most of the night. By fall (September – November) the milky way will be best seen in the evening, before it sets. Twilight can brighten the sky up to 2 hours before sunrise and 2 hours after sunset, so you want to avoid those times.

So it seems like this month or early next month is the best time to go.

Most likely on a Saturday night over to a Sunday.

Nearby area with map of light pollution - https://darksitefinder.com/maps/world.html#8/34.089/-116.721

Option 1 - Amboy Crater National Natural Landmark

Option 2 - Hole in the Wall Campground

I will start seriously thinking about this and if no one else is interested I will do it on my own. It is unlikely that I would stay the whole night.

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I'm picking Saturday, August 31st. It's a supermoon (it's close) but it is also new moon (it's blocking). This should work pretty well. Also 3 day weekend so I can recover a bit from sleep deprived Saturday night.

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