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I've been streaming a fair amount of this game since it launched on 8/27/19 - overall it's a very solid game and the best implementation of RTX I've seen. 

Review thread from reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/cvnpl5/control_review_thread/

Gameplay - The shooting is decent but not fantastic, you only get 1 gun with multiple "forms," you can only have two equipped at a time.  The base pistol form is not perfectly accurate and at range there seems to be bloom beyond your crosshairs which is mildly frustrating because there are clearly times when you're aiming at a target and your bullets don't land.  I haven't really made major upgrades to the guns yet and I'm also fairly certain this was a design decision to limit your accuracy and effective range, because the AI isn't that great beyond medium range. 
The powers you have are fairly basic, you can throw objects/concrete, create a shield, dash, and eventually levitate (I'm not there yet) all of which are fairly solid.  As a bonus, when grabbing objects they fly towards your hands and that portion still has collision, allowing you to pull a desk and smash one enemy in the back of the head before throwing it at another enemy.  Overall the powers are cool without going full superhero, which is a nice middle ground. 
Upgrades are mostly +X% damage or -Y% cooldown type upgrades.  They're very disappointing compared to the vast majority of recent action games I've played.  I think they realized they needed an upgrade system to continually make people feel powerful but didn't have a good idea on how to flesh it out enough to make it interesting. 
As a note, there's no difficulty setting in this game.  Most encounters aren't particularly hard, but they do offer harder optional encounters/bosses in the game which can be quite difficult. 

Story - It's batshit insane.  You're in a supernatural building that shifts constantly, you have an entity inside your head guiding you, and the previous director of this secret agency that committed suicide calls you on a magical phone.  It's not incomprehensible but it's certainly strange.  Some people are comparing it to the Southern Reach series (Annihilation is the movie adaptation of the first book) and SCP.  It's certainly part of the "New Weird" genre, which is fairly recent and kinda cool.  I'm enjoying it so far, even if it seems full coconuts. 

Graphics - From a tech standpoint this is the peak of RTX.  The reflections and transparent reflections are game changing.  It's genuinely a different game without those effects turned on, especially how the office environments are often filled with glass walls/windows which are reflective.  The shadows and illumination stuff is pretty but not really needed, and I'm already running into performance constraints so I've left them off.  The game itself isn't actually the best looking game I've played, and the facial animations of some characters is pretty bad, leading to some weird uncanny valley / creepy puppet look.  Environments are certainly cool, but I'm a huge fan of the brutalist architecture and the oversized nature of many environments.  Sometimes the scale of the levels remind me of destiny 2.  Minor issue - motion blur cannot be disabled, it's gross and I hate it, but this isn't new for this developer and their engine. 
I'm not going to go so far as to say this game is the "killer app" for RTX but it's by far the best implementation I've seen outside of tech demos. 

Performance - This is where the magic meets the real, and it's by no means perfect.  I'm playing at 3440x1440 ultrawide, but using a DLSS resolution of 2273x960, with RTX turned on to "medium" which includes reflections and transparent reflections.  I'm averaging somewhere around 60fps, with a few settings turned down slightly.  I'm also streaming this using the NVENC encoder but I've played some without streaming and I couldn't see a noticeable drop in framerate Although reviewing my last few streams I'm going to try dropping the streaming fps to 30, hopefully that helps with some issues.  I believe if I wanted to play this game with no RTX I could run it maxed out at native resolution, but with RTX it's not possible.  RTX still eats performance for breakfast, but at least in this game I can appreciate the visuals.  DLSS has been solid so far, there's definitely some softness compared to running something full resolution, especially around high detail elements like the main characters hair, but I've been happy with it.  I didn't entirely understand the appeal of DLSS when Nvidia initially announced it, but seeing the performance impact of RTX features, it makes sense as a complete package. 

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I finished this last week.  The main story isn't great, and I personally enjoyed reading the lore from various collectables far more than the dialogue/exposition.  I still consider this to be the best version of RTX currently on the market (and probably for the significant future), even if you treat this game as an RTX tech demo it's probably worth buying. 

There's some announcements that this game will get DLC sometime next year, as well as some additional free content in the future.  I'll pick that up when it comes out. 

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