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[Apple TV] Long Way Up

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A few years ago I watched the Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman's first adventure Long Way Round which I thought was very cool and very wholesome especially when they get way way out into the middle of nowhere and meet interesting people. I have also seen some of their other projects.

This latest one adds an extra twist that they wanted to use electric motorcycles. Watched 2 episodes so far. It's still cool but I feel like these projects are slowly losing some of their charm. Both of them are starting to get older so less sleeping in tents in the bush and more hotels meaning more towns and cities. The electric motorcycles would already be enough extra drama but then you also add that there is basically no real proper charging network in South America just feels like it's taking away from the more interesting stories. I will continue to watch. I would recommend it though as some easy watching but especially Long Way Round if you can find it.

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Finished the series. A lot of what I said previously is still accurate. The original (Long Way Round) is still the best one but this is still plenty entertaining and very family friendly/wholesome; a bit more upbeat than most other things these days. The EV bikes performed as well as can be expected I guess with all the same limitations I already talked about.

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