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Pondering about the future.


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Started thinking about this because of a recent email from Invision Community about a price increase for the forum license. It is technically a big increase for a percentage (+60%) but in terms of total dollars it is actually inconsequential for me so there is no need to change anything however I have had this annoying feeling for a long time now about being "locked in" to the Inivision system. I don't like feeling locked in to any system.

Even if the size of this forum community grew (and I would love if it would grow a bit) the way we use it is very very basic. Behind the scenes there is a marketplace, calendar, etc. that we never use but are part of the suite. There is open source forum software out there that is basically feature equivalent for the simple things we do.

One of the main reasons I have not entertained moving to different software in the past was the migration/conversion process. When I took over ownership of this forum (2013-ish?) that was something I was considering but I quickly discovered that migration/conversion was basically considered impossible or extremely expensive depending on what you were coming from.

Looking at popular and more modern open-source forum software that is out there right now, like Discourse, it seems that the migration/conversion process has progressed in the last few years and it's not as painful as it used to be.

No plans right now.

Just throwing this out there.

I will be doing a bit more research before I consider proposing anything.


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15 hours ago, Jedi2155 said:

....we would have to unlock the ability for people refer members in....

I'm not sure what you mean by this? Registration is open. Anyone should be able to join.

Increasing the number of active members on the forum would be a nice-to-have but it's not really a priority for me.

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