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[TV] Dopesick (2021)


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The series takes viewers to the epicenter of America's struggle with opioid addiction, from the boardrooms of Purdue Pharma, to a distressed Virginia mining community, to the hallways of the DEA.


This is a docudrama about the opioid epidemic.  It's a tough watch at points because of what it glosses over.  It's well acted but not overly polished, it reminds me of other based on reality docudramas like Spotlight (also starring Michael Keaton), where there's an intentional attempt to keep the show grounded and almost boring looking.  It's worth a watch if you're at all interested in the subject matter, they do a fairly good job showing the complete moral bankruptcy of the executives at purdue and their super aggressive sales tactics, they also provide some nice historical context about how purdue was caught in the 1970's doing similarly shady shit.  Unfortunately, anyone who follows the news also knows that the sacklers are still filthy rich and managed to escape mostly unscathed from the various lawsuits and bankruptcy proceedings they agreed to.  There is a tone of "nothing is going to change" that is clearly felt throughout the show and while they try to present some victories in the final episode it's hard not to take to heart that very little actually changed and we're still experiencing a massive opioid epidemic. 

I've also watched a documentary on hbo max Crime of the Century - the first part about the sacklers and Oxycontin and the second part about other highly abused opioids.  Probably a more succinct version of this mini-series but still gets the point across. 

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