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Apex Legends

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  • 4 weeks later...
  • Second Chance: Tuesday, 4/13 – Thursday, 4/15
  • Ultra Zones: Thursday, 4/15 – Monday, 4/19
  • Auto Banners: Monday, 4/19 – Wednesday, 4/21
  • Killing Time: Wednesday, 4/21 – Friday, 4/23
  • Armor Regen: Friday, 4/23 – Tuesday, 4/27

Boooo. I like all of those. I want them all at once. Actually just make them permanent too.

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 3v3 deathmatch - first to 3, but win by 2 so if it's close it can go to 9th total round which is a special tiebreaker
  • CS style buying weapons at the start
    • Weapons do not carry over between rounds | armor upgrades each successive round
    • Abilities seem to carry over between rounds?  Certain number of charges available, I think you can buy more, similar to valorant
    • currency carries between rounds, so eco rounds are possible
  • No revives
  • Limited loot - supplies/currency and 1 drop pod with 3 weapons at the halfway mark of the round
  • Multiple new maps - some are sections of existing match with minor modifications
  • New Legend - Valkyrie, flies and fires missiles
  • New Weapon - Bow with a shotgun style upgrade and faster firing speed upgrade if you time your shots - reminds me slightly of trinity ghoul from destiny 2
  • Teaser for a new version of the olympus battle royale map

EDIT - Article with more details

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Honestly one of the other issues I have with the new deathmatch mode is that some characters' skills are just not balanced for a non-battle royale mode. 

Loba - passive vision for loot - useless, teleport - bad because of the aftercast, it's a non-combat mobility boost, ultimate shop - TURBO USELESS
Lifeline (current) - drone and res shield are ok, extra loot on boxes is useless and the ultimate is mega useless
Pathfinder - grapple is good, ring location is useless, ultimate is mostly useless

I guess my major concern is how they plan on balancing both gamemodes.  Do they try and find a middle ground (everybody mad?) or do they do a full skill split for deathmatch?

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So I've gotten every achievement in Season 8 reasonable (Treasure Packs, 110 lvl battle pass, the weekend things and even the mozambique challenge).

Only achievement worth playing right now is Ranked, but now I can focus on having fun....

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